La Leche League

Free mother-to-mother support for breastfeeding. Join the facebook group

Come to the friendly meetings- whilst pregnant if interested in breastfeeding, or with baby to get support with any challenges, and to meet other mums.

La Leche League Helpline 0345 120 2198


Are you part of the new craze to normalise breastfeeding?

#Treeoflife #Normalisebreastfeeding

tree of life breastfeeding support Birmingham

Here’s how to make your own ‘tree of life brelfie’

  1. Go to your app store and download ‘Pics Art’
  2. Select the free Tree of life stickers
  3. Upload your pic and choose a tree
  4. Adjust the tree by rotating and editing
  5. Choose a magic effect for the image such as Rainbow, Flare, Midnight and Rose
  6. Upload to social media with the #normalisebreastfeeding and #treeoflife